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Our website is designed to provide Austin area residents with information on divorce and family law so that they can make more informed and better decisions about their situation. Take a look at all of the information on our site and leave a comment or question if there are any areas that you would specifically like to see addressed.

To get you started here are some good areas of the website to begin with:

Morgan Law Austin Divorce Blog – We frequently update our blog to continually add posts on issues related to divorce, family law and how people can educate themselves on the process.  Divorce is never fun but the more you understand the process the less scary it becomes and the better you can manage your case and improve your likelihood of a positive outcome.

Divorce Video Library – One of the most popular areas on our site.  The video library addresses many of the most common questions and issues in Texas divorce and family law, all designed with explanations that a non-lawyer could understand.  This is probably the best place to start if you are trying to get an overview of the divorce process in Texas.

Blog Posts in Divorce Category – These are blog posts that specifically address divorce issues.  While the blog covers family law issues of all sorts (modification, enforcement, etc.), these posts are focused solely on issues related to divorce.

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Scott Morgan is Board Certified in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. He is has practiced family law since 1994 and is the founder of the Morgan Law Firm which is dedicated exclusively to representing divorce and family law clients in the Houston and Austin areas.

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