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traviscourtAustin is located in Travis County, Texas.  Where to file for divorce in Texas is determined by county, specifically it must be a county where one of the parties has resided for at least the past 90 days at the time of filing.  This is in addition to the requirement that one of the parties must be a domiciliary of the State of Texas for the past six months at the time of filing.

Location and Phone Number for Travis County District Clerk

For residents of Travis County, Texas, a divorce petition (this is the document that begins a divorce case) is filed with the Travis County District Clerk’s office.  Their office is located at 1000 Guadalupe Street, Austin, Texas 78701.  Their phone number is (512) 854-9457.

Filing Fees for Travis County Divorce Cases without Children

The filing fee for a divorce case in Travis County varies depending on certain factors, including whether or not there are children of the marriage.  As of the date of this post (January 21, 2013) the filing fee for a waiver divorce (one in which the Respondent executes a Waiver of Service) if there are no children is $259.00.  In divorces without children where your spouse won’t execute a Waiver (in other words, they will be served by a process server), the filing fee is $258.00. Don’t get too excited about the $1.00 savings because a non-waiver case will require additional expenses in the form of a fee for the preparation of the citation document and then a fee for the process server to serve the Respondent with the pleading.  See the District Clerk website for the amount of current fees.

Filing Fees for Travis County Divorce Cases with Children

In Travis County divorce cases with children, the filing fee is $274.00 for a Waiver divorce and $273.00 for a non-waiver divorce.  In cases with children there are additional fees that may apply.   With all of the fees, if you are filing your own divorce case I would recommend that you physically go to the Travis County District Clerk’s office and file your divorce case in person.  They will then calculate your filing fee and you can pay it there. This way you will be certain to pay the correct amount and not have a problem later on.

If You Need an Attorney

If you need to hire an attorney to assist you in your divorce feel free to call us (512-551-0807) or fill out the contact form on the right side of the page.  We will schedule a consultation and learn all the details of your situations and discuss the available options.  Unless there are no children of the marriage and there are no assets or liabilities to divide (almost everyone has some assets and/or debt to divide) then I strongly recommend you have an attorney handle your case.  Here is a video on how to select the right divorce lawyer for your case.  Divorce can be scary and complicated involving issues of property division, conservatorship and visitation, alimony, and a litany of other possible issues, so you want to get good advice and representation.  Mistakes in your divorce case can cause you a lot of unforeseeable problems in the future.

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