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“I Recommend Him Highly”

“I was very pleased with the professionalism, willingness to resolve the issues quickly and reasonable cost. Mine was a very complicated divorce with a number of lawyers involved and Scott was always focused on an expedient and lowest cost resolution with ‘out of the box’ solutions to complicated problems. I recommend him highly.”
Deane Pierce – Houston, Texas

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“Scott Demonstrated How Matters Could Be Worked Out With the Least Amount of Turmoil”

“I was very satisfied with Scott’s performance regarding my divorce proceedings. I felt my options were clearly explained and he made sure I understood the process. I have in fact recommended four people to Scott for their divorce matters. Scott was a true professional. In my particular case, Scott demonstrated how matters could be worked out with the least amount of turmoil. I would highly recommend Scott Morgan to anyone who needed an excellent divorce lawyer.”
Shannon Parker – Houston, Texas

“Coleen Was Great”

“Coleen was great! Scott is an excellent mentor and has an equally skilled associate. Lilly is pleasant and a gem to speak with!”
Andrea Garza – Houston, Texas

“Very Professional and Competent”

“Scott handled my case in a very professional and competent manner. His advice regarding the law and negotiations with the opposing party were clear and effective. He listened to my desires and was understanding as to the direction I wanted to take things. Scott is experienced and has worked with several of my friends, all of whom were pleased with his service.”

“An Excellent and Very Thorough Attorney”

“Scott is an excellent and very thorough attorney who looks at every possible angle of a case. I found his knowledge of the law and courtroom capabilities to be outstanding. It is very comforting to have an attorney whom you can trust during what are typically difficult personal issues.”

“Did an Excellent Job For Me”

“Scott Morgan did an excellent job for me. My divorce was as painless as possible because of Scott. Scott was a professional all the way.”
Kathy Szoeke – Bellaire, Texas

“Very Comfortable Dealing With You”

“I felt very comfortable dealing with you.”
John Murray Williams – Sugarland, Texas

“Thank You Scott!!”

“Scott and his staff always had time to hear me out. Going through a divorce is hard and just having someone to listen helped. Scott Morgan protected my rights and guided me through the pit falls of divorce court. Thank you Scott!!”
Ozzy Marcenaro – Houston, Texas

“Did an Outstanding Job of Moving My Case Along Quickly”

Scott did an outstanding job of moving my case along quickly and to my complete satisfaction while dealing with some difficult law issues. I recommend him highly.

“Scott’s Handling of My Case Was Excellent”

“Scott’s handling of my case was excellent. Not only was the outcome favorable; the process was stress-free which is not the norm based on what I hear from other friends that have gone through a divorce.”

“Two Things Really Impressed Me About Scott”

“Two things really impressed me about Scott. Firstly his adoption of internet technologies including email made working with Scott more convenient for me, more productive and reduced my cost. Secondly Scott’s overall focus on controlling cost enabled us to reach a mutually acceptable agreement while minimizing both the time spend in court, and other external costs such as mediation and discovery.”

“I Felt Like I Was Dealing With an Efficient Attorney and Good Friend”

“Scott Morgan was instrumental in moving my divorce forward and to a quick resolution. His prompt response to situations, professional demeanor, and genuine concern kept me at ease throughout. I felt I was dealing with an efficient attorney and a good friend.”

“Scott Came as Great Blessing to Me”

“Scott came as great blessing to me, especially at a time when I needed a very good attorney, to deal with my utterly complicated case. Scott’s thorough knowledge of law and my case helped me a great deal. I would gladly and proudly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a smart lawyer.”

“I Would Recommend Scott and His Staff to Anyone”

“Due to the fact that my husband and I were expecting our first child when the divorce was initiated, the process was complicated and wrought with emotion. Not only did Scott Morgan handle my case with promptness and extreme efficiency, he was also sensitive to anguish that I was experiencing at the time. Each request that I made of Scott was executed to exacting standards. Never once did I have to wait for a response, nor did I ever have any question that was not answered fully and in a way that I clearly understood. His billing was clear and fair. I feel that without Scott on my case I could have never gotten the settlement that allowed me to spend the first three years with my daughter. I think of Scott as one of the people who made what was a terrible situation better by being available and attentive to my needs as his client. I would recommend Scott Morgan and his staff to anyone who has decided to end their marriage. Four years later I still have Scott on retainer, and he still provides me and my daughter with the legal protection we need to conduct our lives in peace.”

“Utmost Degree of Professionalism”

“Scott, you managed one of the most stressful and emotional decisions in my life with the utmost degree of professionalism. Your advice, from both a legal perspective as well as an emotional one, helped me move on in my life. I sincerely appreciate everything you did to guide me through the process.”

“I Could Not Recommend a Better Attorney For a Divorce”

“When I first found out in a hotel room at 1:00 a.m. on a Tuesday that my wife had left me and wanted a divorce I was shocked and did not know what to do. After realizing that it was over and she had taken my 5 year old son 900 miles out of state I began searching for an attorney. After interviewing several others, I finally settled on Scott Morgan. I thought my divorce was complex in that it involved a not so thorough pre-nup, a 5 year old child, a Las Vegas marriage, with a Texas domicile and a home in Florida. But Scott quickly steered me through one of the most disturbing and confusing times of my life. I walked away with financially more than I would have, an excellent custody agreement, and without breaking my wallet. My only regret was that I did not following EXACTLY EVERYTHING HE TRIED TO ADVISE ME ON. I thought I knew my former spouse. But with his background and experience he could see potential problems that I just could not believe. He was right in his predictions.

I never waited for Scott to return a call, or take what ever time it took for me to understand completely where I stood. Even after nearly two years I made a follow up call to ask a question, and he was there within the hour. I could not recommend a better attorney for a divorce.”

“He Made the Worst of Situations Bearable”

“My case was rather involved, very emotional and required many court appearances. Mr. Morgan handled the intricacies of my case with the utmost professionalism and respect. My questions and concerns were always answered and addressed, and complex issues were explained and options presented so, together, we could decide the best resolution for my situation. Mr. Morgan delicately guided me through my divorce and difficult custody issues, which was very important to me. He made the worst of situations bearable.”

“I Felt Like I Was Dealing With an Efficient Attorney and Good Friend”

“Scott Morgan was instrumental in moving my divorce forward and to a quick resolution. His prompt response to situations, professional demeanor, and genuine concern kept me at ease throughout. I felt I was dealing with an efficient attorney and a good friend.”

“I Have and Will Continue to Recommend Friends to Scott”

“Scott helped me with a very difficult and emotional family matter. At the beginning we decided to partner in our strategy to bring satisfaction in this matter. Scott skillfully managed my emotions, the law, and my schedule to ensure that we moved to a satisfactory conclusion. His skills gave me the comfort and confidence that we would get a satisfactory judgment (which we did). I have and will continue to recommend several friends to Scott. I would say to anyone looking for quality legal representation, consider these three qualities that Scott brings to the table: He will make you comfortable in an emotional situation. He will make you confident because he knows the law, he knows the system and he understands the Houston legal community. You can trust Scott because he works with you on a plan and executes flawlessly while keeping you informed. I live in Atlanta. Scott served my needs as if I worked down the hall. He is honest, professional and a good guy. The only negative I can say about Scott is that he did his job so well, I don’t need his services any longer. However, if I did, he would be there for me. Thank you Scott!”

“Everything Was Clearly Explained”

“Everything was clearly explained and went as planned. I actually did recommend Scott to my sister for her divorce, and she was pleased as well.”

“I Would Definitely Recommend Your Services”

“I would definitely recommend your services to anyone needing a divorce lawyer who will take the time to listen and explain all the options.”

“My Case Moved Along Quickly”

“Going through a divorce raises many questions. Scott Morgan knows how to explain the law and the way forward in an excellent way (you don’t need to be a lawyer to understand it). My case moved along quickly, that’s how I wanted it, that’s what he made happen. In other words, Scott Morgan is top, no doubts. If I ever need an attorney again (I hope not) it will be Scott Morgan.”

“Inspired Great Confidence”

“Your support during this difficult process, along with clear guidance, assertive counsel, professional skills and knowledge, inspired great confidence in me at all times and helped me manage successfully through my case.”

“Thank You for Assisting My Son and I”

Scott Morgan was well prepared to handle the case from the beginning. Scott had different strategies to have a successful case. Thank you for assisting my son and I.

“Scott was Awesome”

“While my case did not end up ultimately in a divorce, Scott was awesome at explaining all the information needed to make good decisions that will affect the rest of your life.”

“Scott Was Able to Handle This Somewhat Unusual Situation”

“My divorce was complicated by the fact that my wife, (at the time of our divorce), was living outside of the US, and I was working outside of the country as well. Scott was able to handle this somewhat unusual situation and was very flexible in arranging meetings to fit both of our schedules. Scott was also able to handle to much of our correspondence via E-mail and courier services, which proved extremely helpful in light of the 10 hour time difference between Houston and the location where I was working.”

“Provided Me With Resources”

“After my divorce was final I had trouble collecting child support payments but you provided me (at no extra charge) with resources and contacts to get the money my ex-husband was ordered by the Court to pay.”

“I Could Tell Scott Really Cared About Me”

“I was referred to contact Scott to assist me with a very difficult family matter. I could tell Scott really cared about me and was very helpful. I would absolutely recommend Scott.”

“Honest, Reliable Lawyer”

“We called a couple of lawyers concerning our matter and you seemed to be the most competent one. You got the job done the way we wanted it done in the time that we needed it done. It is nice to work with an honest, reliable lawyer when times get rough. Thanks once again for everything.”
D.M. and R.C.

“I Feel No Other Lawyer Could Have Supported Me More”

“Mr. Morgan was the best person I could have come across for my personal divorce lawyer needs. My needs as a father and a military member were always his highest priority in my case. I feel no other lawyer could have supported me more as a personal friend than Scott Morgan.”

“I Am Pleased With the Results”

“Although a divorce is not an enjoyable experience, the representation I received was exactly what was necessary to get the job done without adding additional problems, the cost was very reasonable, and I am pleased with the results given the circumstances.”

“Highly Recommend Him”

“I was completely satisfied with the services I received from Mr. Morgan. I never thought that I would be involved with an attorney of this type and as such, was ignorant of the particular laws. Scott took the time to explain these to me and I always felt at ease after his explanations. He was always accessible and prompt in responding whenever I had questions. I was well represented by Scott and do highly recommend him for your services, should you need them.”

“I Have Recommended Scott to a Friend Who is Equally Pleased”

“I appreciate the way Scott explained my options and counseled me in a difficult time. I have recommended Scott to a friend who is equally pleased with his services.”

“I Would Highly Recommend His Services”

I found Scott to be very friendly and professional. I’ve been told stories of lawyers who try to run up fees by intentionally dragging out cases and/or suggesting actions that cause drawn out debates between parties. This was not the case with Scott. He worked with me to make a difficult time as painless as possible, while always looking out for my best interests. I would highly recommend his services.