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If you need an Austin Texas divorce lawyer for your family law matter you need someone with the experience and skills to help you resolve your case favorably and as early as possible.  Having practiced family law for over two decades, board certified family law attorney Scott Morgan has the knowledge and skills to help you favorably resolve your divorce or family law matter.

Uncontested Divorce in Austin

An uncontested divorce in Austin is one where both parties agree on all terms of the case. At times the parties may believe they have an agreement where either there are additional issues that still need to be addressed or certain issues need clarification.  These terms can include division of property, conservatorship of children, rights and duties regarding the children, visitation schedule, child support, spousal maintenance, child custody, sale of property, and many, many other potential issues.  Having an experienced attorney assist you with your case can help to ensure that your uncontested case remains uncontested.

Austin Contested Divorce

A contested Austin divorce case is one where there is a disagreement on one or more of the relevant issues in the divorce case.  This is actually a very common scenario at the early stages of a divorce and it does not mean that settlement won’t happen, it just means that there is some work to do before an agreement can be reached.  Some of the tools that exist to assist you in reaching an agreement include mediation, arbitration, direct negotiations, and informal settlement agreements.  If ultimately it turns out that an agreement cannot be reached then a trial will be necessary and the court will determine the outcome.

Consult with an Austin Divorce Lawyer

If you are divorcing in Austin or you are concerned that divorce may be a possibility then you owe it to yourself to consult with an an experienced family law attorney.  This will help you to better understand both the process and your individual options.  A good divorce lawyer can help you to navigate the confusing quagmire that is family law and reach a fair result in your case.

Scott Morgan focuses exclusively on representing people in exactly your situation – someone who needs excellent representation in a divorce or family law matter and someone who wants a fair result that doesn’t take years to accomplish.  Click here to fill out our initial questionnaire form and send the basic details of your information to Scott Morgan.  He will personally review your form and you will be responded to as soon as possible by a member of the staff.  If you would prefer to get started right away just call our office at (512) 212-7878 to schedule an initial consultation.